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S. Dunn, Global Head | Business Continuity Management

Resume Writing & LinkedIn Updates

Kathi hits the gold medal standard. She combines professionalism and subject matter expertise with dedication and personal service. She brings positive energy to the creation of a resume and corporate profile for both a written and digital presentation.

CEO, Healthcare Industry

Resume Writing & LinkedIn Updates
I was in need of an update to my resume and my professional media network. In this very busy  period in my life I simply did not have the time or the expertise to tackle this project.  This task needed attention and professionalism.  
I am amazed at the results. Very impressive. I would have not been able to achieve the results that Kathi accomplished on my own.  The turnaround was quick and the communication was spot on.  Great work.  

Chris B. - Recent College Graduate | Sales & Marketing

Resume Writing, LinkedIn & Updates

Kathi was amazing to work with! From start to finish she was very engaged in the process. Kathi made suggestions and even gave feedback on jobs that I found interesting. I absolutely love what she has done with my resume, LinkedIn, and Indeed. The day after all the services were completed, I had already received emails from employers saying that they came across my profiles, and felt I’d be perfect for the job. I would recommend everyone give Kathi a call to start working on a future that you want for yourself.

​MBA, 10+ years experience

​Resume Writing Services 

I would highly recommend working with Kathi for her resume creation or professional consulting services.

Her knowledge and professionalism turned a frustrating project into a manageable and attainable goal.

I am excited about my future prospects after working with her.

Nina M. - Second Career                                                                

​Resume Writing Services
I want to take the time to thank you for assisting me in updating my resume.
From our consult on the phone to the final product, I knew I would receive a top notched product.  Your insights and knowledge were very helpful as I was transitioning into a different career path.
I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a caring coach/mentor/resume "extraordinaire" to assist them in their professional journey.

​Fortune 500- Meeting & Travel Planning

​Resume Writing Services 

My experience with Eldridge Consulting has been extraordinarily uplifting during a very negative, bleak time in my career. Kathi's services include a rapid response, concise recommendations, and a very professional resume that you can be proud to submit to any potential employer. Most importantly she is authentic and goes above and beyond for her customers.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Executive 

​Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services 

When exploring my career options, Kathi’s professional coaching and resume services were invaluable. From our first meeting, Kathi really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, and helped me structure my career search and networking in a way that I had not thought of before.  Kathi’s pragmatic take on things was a massive help.
I am very pleased with the guidance and experience that Kathi shared with me, which has also improved my confidence in my job search.   I highly recommend Kathi to those that desire advancement or a change in their professional life.

Allie G. - Columbus, IN - New in Career | Project Management Coordinator

Leadership Development & Career Coaching 

Kathi has been a tremendous mentor and friend for me. At our initial consultation, I expressed my interest in learning more about Human Resources. Kathi personally developed PowerPoint presentations of different topics to teach me week to week. Further, she assisted me in creating a stellar resume. Everything Kathi has done for me has been positive, and helped me get to better places in my career and life. I highly recommend Kathi for anyone that wants to better themselves!

Casey P. - Recent College Graduate | Actuarial Sciences

​Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services 

After I graduated with my B.S, I was lost. I had little relevant job experience, no intern experience, and a lack of direction and faith in my career outlook. I was also clueless as to where I should even start. Well, after a little over two months, Kathi has helped me figure out a good direction to go in that will make me happy and will get me where I want in terms of salary. She has helped me highlight my strengths to potential employers, and has given me the tools I need to successfully network to employers. I am getting noticed and called from employers significantly more than I ever had before and I am much more confident in my career direction as well as my outlook. I have recommended her services to everyone in my network and I would recommend her to literally anyone having trouble.

Jill S.,  Second Career

Resume Writing Services 

Kathi worked with me to get my resume in shape for a job search. She's a great listener and can translate what she hears into marketable skills and a slick resume. She also helped get my social media profiles in good order. Call her if you need help with a resume, connections or a job search!"

Courtney B. - Recent College Graduate | Sales

​Career Coaching, Resume Writing & Mock Interviewing 

​​Kathi and I met while working as a bartender. After chatting with her a few times about how dis​satisfied I was with my current working situation, she offered to help. During our sessions, she helped me to identify what kind of career I was really looking for. Yes, money is good but all of those ‘other’ things in life matter too. She helped me get a ​more clear ​vision ​on what my values and priorities were with ​finding ​a new job, as well as where I could apply my skills. She helped critique my resume, helped ​identify appropriate jobs that matched my personal goals and ​even ​helped me practice Interviewing. She was great support system to me and never let me get discouraged. I am happy to say that after only 3 months of coaching, I have landed my first ‘real job.’ I am thrilled with the work I am doing and am happy that there was someone there for me, to help guide me through the ​process. If you ever need a career or life coach, Kathi is hands down the best out there!

Lex M. - Recent College Graduate | Technical Recruiting
Career Coaching, Resume Writing & Mock Interviewing

Kathi  has gone above and beyond to help propel me forward in my career. She was worked closely with me to provide me with advice, leadership and her experience in the recruiting field to guide and direct me to what employers are seeking in a new employee prospect. Kathi provided me with insight on my learning styles and what type of jobs may interest me from analyzing my PI test results. She was able to divulge what type of jobs interest me based on additional questions regarding work atmosphere and what I wanted in an work setting. Kathi has been more than diligent, by providing me with potential jobs that I may want to apply for, coaching me to be a better professional, and has been very prompt anytime I have a question.
I would highly recommend Kathi to those that desire advancement or a change in their professional life. She is very kind, intuitive, and motivating all of which have helped me along the way in finding the my start in a career!

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Career Coaching / Consulting