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- Contingency & Retained Search                               - Professional Career Coaching                         - Talent Acquisition Organization Analysis

- C'Suite, SVP, VP levels                                                - Career Counseling/ Job Search                       - Talent Acquisition Strategic Plan & Budgeting

- Healthcare & Financial Services                                - Resume & Social Profile Updates                   - Talent Acquisition Technology Selection

                                                                                        - Mock Interviewing Practice                             - Talent Acquisition Scorecards & Metrics

                                                                             ​- Leadership Training & Mentoring


About Me

- Former VP of Talent Acquisition for a Fortune 500 Provider Healthcare services
​- Over 20 years of Recruiting experience in Healthcare, Financial Services,   

   Technology Start Ups & Insurance industries
- Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
​- Certified Analyst (Predictive Index)
​- Certified Behavioral Interviewer (DDI)
- Six Sigma - Yellow Belt​​

The War For Talent...

In today's reality, there are not enough qualified people to fill all of the vacancies across the country.  This is particularly true in the Healthcare sector.  There is a significant difference ​between what talent exists and what talent is needed in order to execute on business goals.  This is called the Talent Gap.  The less a company is aware of their talent needs the tougher it is for them to compete in this ever-changing market.

Companies understand that it's cheaper to 'buy' the skills they need through Recruiting versus 'building' them through employee development programs, which can be costly and take longer.   CEO's will continue to place the pressure on Recruiting to keep up with the ever growing Talent Demands, but many of the Recruiting organizations will fall short.


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