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Healthcare executive Search


Career Coaching / Consulting


Eldridge Executive Search is a female owned executive search firm and consulting practice specializing in coaching and recruiting executive talent across the healthcare continuum.  Founded in 2016 by Kathi Eldridge, a former  Talent Executive for one of the largest healthcare providers in the post-acute care space, Kathi leverages her first-hand knowledge of the healthcare industry and combines that with over 20 years of HR Generalist experience.   She works with companies of all sizes and will perform coaching services for clients across all industries.


 We work with companies large and small, that operate along many aspects of the healthcare continuum.

Searches are personalize to meet the client's needs. 

(Research | Candidate Name Generation Services are also available.)

Healthcare settings we work with include (Payor & Provider):

- Acute Care | Short Term Acute Care Hospitals | STAC's

- Post-Acute Care | Long Term Acute Care Hospitals | LTACH's

- Specialties | Hospice | Home Health | Rehabilitation | Skilled Nursing | Assisted Living 

- Other Specialties | Pharmacy | Laboratory | Dialysis | OR | Nursing | Telemedicine

- Healthcare Administration | Corporate Executives | Field Executives 

- Managed Care | Commercial | Government Segments

Typical roles we work on: 

- C'Suite: | CEO, CCO, CFO, CHRO, CDO, CSO | Finance | HR | Operations | Sales | Marketing | Clinical Operations

- Vice Presidents: | Finance | HR | Operations | Sales | Marketing | Clinical Operations

- Directors: | Finance | HR | Operations | Sales | Marketing | Clinical Operations

- Other roles: | Sales & Marketing Professionals | Case Managers | Clinical Documentation Specialists

If you are an organization looking for assistance with recruiting talent, contact us today!


We work with candidates across all industries, not just healthcare.  Our goal is to help candidates develop the best tools which will give them a competitive advantage when trying to secure future employment.  Recruiting technology has drastically changed over the last 5 years and if your resume was built prior to that, chances are you're not getting noticed by recruiters. 

In today's world, resumes are all about the amount of 'key words' that appear in your resume.  Technologies today search for those key words that recruiters use and return back a % match to their keyword search.  Having too many of the wrong key words could cause you to get calls related to jobs that you're either not interested in or not qualified for.  That's where we come into play.

We work with candidates on the following:

- Career Coaching | Changing Careers | Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

- Interview Coaching | Behavioral Interviews | Mock Interview Practice

- Resume Writing | Applicant Tracking Friendly Formatting | Full Re-writes

- Social Profile Writing | All Star LinkedIn Profile Development

If you are a candidate looking for assistance with building the right tools, contact us today!


In today's reality, there are not enough qualified people to fill all of the vacancies across the country.  This is particularly true in the Healthcare sector.  There is a significant difference ​between what talent exists and what talent is needed in order to execute on business goals.  This is called the Talent Gap

The less a company is aware of their talent needs the tougher it is for them to compete in this ever-changing market.

Most companies understand that it's cheaper to 'buy' the skills they need through Recruiting versus 'building' them through employee development programs, which can be costly and take longer.   

Whether you're a company your needing help building a World Class Talent Acquisition function, or looking for immediate assistance filling  vacancies that impact your critical business needs, Eldridge Executive Search can help.

We also work one on one with individuals, providing personalized coaching around finding career satisfaction, building  interpersonal skills and making sure that you have all the right tools in place to make a career change. 

What it really means to live in an

"Information Age"...